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Main_CagesOur rooms are indoors in a refurbished brick outhouse attached to our main residence.

Piggie rooms are wooden hutches specially made for us by Better Bunny Homes. The Purple Pansy rooms are 145 x 60cm and suitable for up to 3 guinea pigs while our larger Rhubarb rooms are 150 x 60cm and suitable for up to 4 guinea pigs.

The room is heated during the winter months and can be air conditioned in the summer if we ever get a hot one and kept to around 21 degrees C.

We also have some 4ft wide hutches in the front of the house that we can use if the main rooms are full and we are not fostering aRunny guinea pigs on behalf of Animal Rescue and Care.


We have no outdoor hutches and piggies will be given a run outdoors in secure runs when the weather is good and the grass is dry.

Collection & Drop Off Times
Mon - Friday 8am - 7pm
Saturday - 8am - 1pm
Sunday - by appointment only